DO IT YOURSELF Video – How to Change the Headlights on a 2013 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck

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We noticed the other day that the passenger side low beam was burned out on my 2013 GMC Sierra pickup. I’ve always changed my own headlights and thought “How hard can this one be?”.

Then I opened the hood up and noticed that there’s absolutely no way I’m going to get my hand into the tiny little space to reach the bulb to change it.

Then looking over the job, I saw that there might be a fairly easy way to change the headlights. But first I thought I better find out the “right’ way to do it, I checked online and found out that the right way to change headlights on a 2013 GMC Sierra is to remove the grill, remove part of the quarter panel assembly and remove the entire headlight parts including the high beams, low beams and turn signals. Oh heck no!  As Frank Sinatra once said “I did it my way”!

Here’s a simple “Do It Yourself” on how to change or replace the headlight bulbs on a 2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck. No need to take the grill off or remove quarter panel pieces.

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