Here’s a bit of information about me – The Otter Creek Redneck –

First of all, I really don’t fit the stereotype that most people think of when they hear the term “Redneck”. I’m just a guy living in rural Otter Creek Township in northwest Wisconsin.

Why do I live here? Well, there’s a dirt road 100 feet from my driveway. The nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile away and I can walk north out the back door and not cross a road for 6 miles.

I have a pickup truck, in fact I have 3 Chevy trucks (1999, 2002 and 2013) I have a tractor, a 1962 Farmall 460. I go to tractor pulls. I go snowshoeing. I snowmobile. I hunt. I fish.

But then I go to work everyday to a high tech job in town and my deer stand has WiFi access.

Otter Creek Redneck in Camo