Tractor Repair Happiness

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Happiness can be defined as simple as a tractor that you repair yourself.

I spent the last 3 evenings after work trying to get our Farmall 460 running. Well, it would run – just not stay running. The tractor would start right up and then run for about 30-40 seconds before quitting.

The symptoms pointed to it not getting enough gas or a flooding problem (getting too much gas):

  • Gas dripping out of the carburetor
  • Wouldn’t start for about 10 minutes after shutting off

Too much gas or not enough gas….that covers a lot of problems to check out.

Problems to Diagnose:

  • Gas line plugged
  • Fuel filter plugged
  • Carburetor float not working right
  • Air cleaner plugged (not getting enough air)

Repairs I tried:

  • Cleaned sediment trap
  • Cleaned out gas tank outlet
  • Cleaned carburetor fuel filter
  • Cleaned air filter lines
  • Cleaned the oil bath air filter
  • Unstuck the carburetor float by tapping lightly with a wrench on the side of the carb

The repairs that worked:

  • The oil bath air filter was kind of gummed over with just a bunch of gunk
  • The carburetor float was stuck

After cleaning the oil bath air filter and tapping lightly on the carb with a wrench, this old 460 (it’s a 1962 model) is now running great!

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