Farmall 460 Tractor and the Manure Spreader

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Well, I sometimes wonder if I have too much Farmall tractor for the manure spreader? What do you think?

My wife’s Dad bought our Farmall 460 brand new in 1962. But it doesn’t do anywhere close to the amount of work it used to. We mostly use it to bale hay, but this year I figured I should use it to pull the little H&S manure spreader. I used to use our old Simplicity lawn mower, but we bought a new John Deere riding mower last summer and our field is pretty rough for the new lawn mower to pull the spreader.

There was a pretty big pile of horse manure and old hay that needed to be spread. Only took 22 loads to get it all out on the field.

My Farmall Tractor and the Manure Spreader